Predator populations are rapidly declining. We are working hard to save them!  

Lions, leopards, and hyenas are among the most popular charismatic mega fauna in the world. Unfortunately, their populations have declined significantly over the years, due mainly to the growing needs of an expanding human population. Habitat loss due to human settlement and agriculture development, loss of prey population, and retaliatory killing by humans following livestock depredation are their main threats throughout Africa.   

The situation with predators in Uganda typifies many of the issues facing predators in other parts of the continent. Growing human populations in enclave villages within the national parks, and many others just outside park boundaries, cause a great deal of pressure on the human and wildlife population, resulting in both human-wildlife conflict and sustainable development challenges.

The Uganda Carnivore Program is dedicated to the monitoring, research, and conservation of predators in Uganda. Our current focus is primarily in the northern sector of Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park.  We are working hard to find solutions for both the wildlife and the people of this area.

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This 17-minute video highlights the beauty of Queen Elizabeth National Park.  It also shows some of the park's conservation challenges and what we, at the Uganda Carnivore Program, are doing to address them!