Changing of the Guard
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 7:54AM
Michael Schwartz

We suspect that the young coalition of Sankara and Brothers have now fully taken over the territory of the old coalition of Papa, Rudi, and Omukama.

We snapped a nice photo of the three of them, who were napping in the core Kasenyi area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Unfortunately, they have also recently been on the other side of the park, preying on cattle near the village of Nyoktonzi. This is the same area where lion Cabral died.

We have not seen Papa, Rudi, and Omukama for a few weeks now, nor even been able to catch a signal from any of their radio collars. This is not typical when it comes to the coalition. However, there are several areas of the park that our vehicle can’t reach due to the terrain. These are often the same areas where it’s difficult to pick up radio collar signals, too. We have no reason to believe right now that anything has happened to them as a result of conflict with humans. However, since the young three are now regularly in the core areas of the park, this likely means the older three are on the outer edges, where carnivores frequently come into contact with humans and their cattle. 

We will continue to keep watch for them and continue our work with the villages.

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