Hyena Footage in Kasenyi
Friday, March 31, 2017 at 4:13AM
Michael Schwartz

This is an excellent video, taken by Kasenyi Safari Camp in our core research area, showing spotted hyena behavior not everyone gets the chance to see: a hyena just after it hunted a kob. The common perception is that hyenas are only scavengers. In fact, they are skilled hunters as well. Many studies have found spotted hyenas actually hunt the majority of what they eat.

Hyenas face the same threats as lions, including conflict with humans, especially after livestock depredation, loss of habitat, decrease in their natural prey base, and poaching for use in traditional medicine and witchcraft. So when we work with local communities, we include solutions to address hyena conservation challenges as well.

Article originally appeared on uganda-carnivores (http://www.uganda-carnivores.org/).
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