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Water is now flowing at Muhokya Primary School!

     Thank you to our friend Cindy for her very generous donation that brought water to Muhokya Primary School.  We partner with Muhokya Primary School in conservation education outreach and Leopard Village activities.
     Cindy’s generous donation meant that we could install faucets and pipes that now connect the school to the main water line of Muhokya village.  Prior to this, students had to go down to the river to collect water for use at school.  Now, water is flowing at the school!  This benefits the students and also neighbors living nearby.
     Students and neighboring women accessing water for the first time at the school:
Students used to have to go to the river to collect water:
Cindy celebrating with a local women’s group:


Opening Day of Leopard Village!

Today we celebrated the opening of Leopard Village with the villages of Muhokya, Kahendero, and Hamukungu!

It was a truly festive and inspiring day of speeches by local leaders, traditional songs and dances by many school children and cultural groups, and a fitting ending with a celebration of roasted goat on wooden skewers. Community members toured the completed site, watched the performances, and celebrated all they had accomplished the past few months.

Below are some pictures of Opening Day.  You can see more pictures by clicking here

And remember that if you are traveling to Queen Elizabeth, please visit Leopard Village and support the communities’ efforts on human-wildlife coexistence.  You can read more about Leopard Village here.

Thank you to the community members, local leaders, and all of our partners for making “Leopard Village” a dream that came true!




Leopard Village Memorandum of Agreement

This morning, we gathered to sign the Memorandum of Agreement for Leopard Village. Seven top leaders of the sub-county and the three villages we are working with – Muhokya, Kahendero and Hamukungu – were parties to the agreement. This speaks highly of the support this project has garnered locally and the commitment to make it a success.      


Student Drawing Competition

Students are working on their drawings of wildlife today for submission to a competition.  Winners will be announced during Opening Day festivities for Leopard Village on Saturday!  


Leopard Village development meetings

We are having several workshops this week relating to the continued development of the communities’ “Leopard Village” ecotourism initiative.

 Today we had a large strategic management meeting with over 20 of the local leaders who have been involved in this project.  Thank you to everyone for your hard work!  And thank you to Muhokya Primary School and Muhokya Catholic Church for hosting all of our meetings!


Reaching out to Oakland Zoo guests on Earth Day

Our friends Donna and Cherie spoke to many visitors at Oakland Zoo’s Earth Day celebration and told them about the work we do in Uganda.  In addition to learning about carnivore conservation, visitors also drew and wrote messages of support on two murals that we will eventually present to the villagers in Muhokya, congratulating them on their diligent work on the Community Resource Center and thanking them for their commitment to conservation.  Sounds like it was a great day!





Busy day of monitoring lion populations

Today was a busy lion monitoring day in Queen Elizabeth!  We tracked and noted the locations of four of the individual lions that we monitor, all of whom were in the Kasenyi area: Papa, Sharon, Lena and cubs, and Bridget and cubs.  Since it was a rather hot day, all the lions except Papa were resting in the thickets.

PapaLenaJames noting locations


Traditional Kikonzo hut

The Bakonzo members of the community have erected a beautiful traditional hut at the Community Resource Center site, so that tourist visitors can get a glimpse into their agriculture-based culture.  Come see it for yourself!

The Basongora and Banyabindi community members will work on building one of their traditional huts soon, too.


If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area...

...then visit The Oakland Zoo on Saturday, April 13th in celebration of Earth Day!

Our friends Donna and Cherie will represent us at the event and will talk to zoo visitors about our work.  Thank you to Amy Gotliffe, Oakland Zoo Conservation Director, for inviting us!

Click here to learn more about the event.



Work on Community Center progresses...

The tourist bathroom facilities have now been completed, after lots of hard work from many community members.


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