“Leopard Village”: Community Ecotourism & Resource Center in Muhokya

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Updates from the Field


Lioness Fiona

We continue to monitor Fiona, who is in the Katwe area.  Katwe is a major area of conflict between lions and livestock.

Here is Fiona relaxing in a euphorbia tree. Her cubs are in one too - can you spot them?


Everyone is pitching in at the Community Center site

Today, village school children helped with the continued work on the Community Center by carrying some bricks to the site.  Great job, kids!



Bridget and her three sons

James checked in on Bridget and found her with her three sons.  They are just about a year old now.  So grown up!


Papa on the prowl...

...and eager to mate!  And Omukama is keeping his eye on him...


Community hosts first tourists!

Last weekend, the community welcomed its first group of visitors to its new ecotourism initiatives.  There were songs, dancing, and crafts, as well as a discussion with the tourists on the history of the park and local communities.  The tourists had a great time and learned a lot.  The community members were very pleased with how their first tourist visit went and are looking forward to hosting more tourists in the near future.  

This is a big step in our goal of establishing the Community Resource Center.  To learn how you can visit the community now, and for more information on what our plans are for the future, please click here.



Lots of lion cubs!

There are now close to 40 lion cubs throughout the area that we monitor.  That means lots of busy lioness moms.  Cub mortality can be high, however.  ~50% of cubs die due to natural selection and many more die as a result of illegal human activity.  We are working hard to sensitive and educate the communities to the presence of the lions, so that we can reduce the number of cubs, and adults, who die as a result of poisoning.


New male lion collared - "Nubi"

A male lion was collared today.  His name is "Nubi".  He can be found in the Katwe crater area, which is one of the conflict hotspots, since livestock are often grazed in this area.  Lioness Fiona and her cubs are nearby this area as well.  We will monitor their health and also any interactions there may be with humans and their cattle.


Rain makes lion monitoring very difficult

The heavy rains lately have made lion monitoring very difficult.  James got stuck in mud today and fortunately some tourists were around to help pull him out. 


Student artists in Kahendero village

We spoke to young students in Kahendero today.  After the talk, they drew pictures of some of the park's wildlife that we taught them about.  Very talented young artists in this village!


Discussions in Hamukungu

We had discussions with some villagers in Hamukungu today, in the hopes of reducing the significant human-carnivore conflict that exists in this area.  A main problem is the lack of predator-proof kraals.  The methods they have consistent mainly of cheap lanterns and flashlights, which surely is not effective.  We will make plans to work with them on building some strong kraals in order to protect their livestock from predators.