“Leopard Village”: Community Ecotourism & Resource Center in Muhokya

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Updates from the Field


Hippo Poaching

As James and an UWA ranger went out on a monitoring drive, they came across the carcass of a hippo that had been poached the evening before.  It was perfectly butchered - a sign that professionals were at work.  It's also an indication of the lack of livehoods for the people in this area.

Attached is a picture of a shoe that one of the poachers left behind in his haste to get away.


Monitoring Anna's pride

We received reports that members of Anna's pride were venturing close to the village of Hamakungu.  This is dangerous for them due to the previous incidences of lion poisoning near this village.  So, James set out early from Mweya to look for them and to discuss the situation with the villages. 

We thank UWA for providing the fuel to make this reconnaissance possible! 

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