“Leopard Village”: Community Ecotourism & Resource Center in Muhokya

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Work continues on predator-proofing kraals

We continue to work with community leaders in Hamukungu on their request for assistance on predator-proofing their kraals.  Thanks to our supporter Pam for providing funding for solar lights for the kraals and for solar torches. 

Our hope is that our efforts will protect both livestock and lions and improve human-carnivore coexistence in this village.


Inspecting a site for the Muhokya Community Center!

Earlier today, we visited a potential site in Muhokya for the Community Center.  The community has been working hard to organize themselves for this venture, which is being made possible with the help of the docents of the Oakland Zoo in California.  Lots of work ahead! And today was an important start.



Community Workshop

Today, Dr. Siefert, James, and Monica held a community workshop in Kasese, which was attended by eleven leaders from the Queen Elizabeth area.  The goal was to have an open discussion on the problems the local communities face with wildlife and to design a plan on how to collaborate in the future.  We had representation from the villages of Katwe, Nyakatonzi, Muhokya, Kilembe, Kabukyero, and Hamukungu.  We also had a wide representation of livelihoods, including pastoralists, farmers, teachers, students, businessmen, and a member of the local Women’s League. 

Over the course of four hours, we exchanged the challenges and opportunities each of us faces and also our hopes for the future.  We left with a strong plan on how to move forward…together!