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Opening Day of Leopard Village!

Today we celebrated the opening of Leopard Village with the villages of Muhokya, Kahendero, and Hamukungu!

It was a truly festive and inspiring day of speeches by local leaders, traditional songs and dances by many school children and cultural groups, and a fitting ending with a celebration of roasted goat on wooden skewers. Community members toured the completed site, watched the performances, and celebrated all they had accomplished the past few months.

Below are some pictures of Opening Day.  You can see more pictures by clicking here

And remember that if you are traveling to Queen Elizabeth, please visit Leopard Village and support the communities’ efforts on human-wildlife coexistence.  You can read more about Leopard Village here.

Thank you to the community members, local leaders, and all of our partners for making “Leopard Village” a dream that came true!




Student artists in Kahendero village

We spoke to young students in Kahendero today.  After the talk, they drew pictures of some of the park's wildlife that we taught them about.  Very talented young artists in this village!


Student performances in Kahendero

As part of our conservation outreach programs in the village schools, the students have been preparing poems and dances.  We were very impressed with their performances yesterday!


Conservation education in Kahendero and Muhokya primary schools

We held conservation education outreach sessions at primary schools in Kahendero and Muhokya today.  An UWA community ranger came along with us, as did our intern Olivia Atuhaire who did a great job in translating some of the lecture about lions.  James said the students paid a lot of attention and were eager to learn.  He also said they asked many questions concerning the lecture and about wildlife in general.