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Nubi, Fiona, and cubs

As we were monitoring Nubi and Fiona in one of the conflict hotspot areas, we came across Fiona's cubs and Nubi in a tree.  

Fiona was a distance away napping under a different tree.  She eventually woke up and called for the cubs, who came running:


Lioness Fiona

We continue to monitor Fiona, who is in the Katwe area.  Katwe is a major area of conflict between lions and livestock.

Here is Fiona relaxing in a euphorbia tree. Her cubs are in one too - can you spot them?


Bridget and her three sons

James checked in on Bridget and found her with her three sons.  They are just about a year old now.  So grown up!


Lots of lion cubs!

There are now close to 40 lion cubs throughout the area that we monitor.  That means lots of busy lioness moms.  Cub mortality can be high, however.  ~50% of cubs die due to natural selection and many more die as a result of illegal human activity.  We are working hard to sensitive and educate the communities to the presence of the lions, so that we can reduce the number of cubs, and adults, who die as a result of poisoning.