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Leopard Village hosts “Friends of Queen” November meeting

“Friends of Queen” – a consortium of businesses and individuals committed to the conservation of Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park – held their November meeting at Leopard Village.  It was a great opportunity for the community members we work with to show the Leopard Village tourism site to area lodge owners, tour operators, Uganda Wildlife Authority wardens and rangers, and local business development leaders. 

Before the bi-monthly FoQ business meeting commenced, the community led the FoQ members on a tour of the site and then performed a selection of traditional dances.  We hope this helps promote Leopard Village as an authentic cultural and wildlife conservation ecotourism site to visitors to Queen Elizabeth.  

If you’d like to visit Leopard Village and support our community-run, socio-economic development project, please contact us so that we can help you arrange a visit!


Water is now flowing at Muhokya Primary School!

     Thank you to our friend Cindy for her very generous donation that brought water to Muhokya Primary School.  We partner with Muhokya Primary School in conservation education outreach and Leopard Village activities.
     Cindy’s generous donation meant that we could install faucets and pipes that now connect the school to the main water line of Muhokya village.  Prior to this, students had to go down to the river to collect water for use at school.  Now, water is flowing at the school!  This benefits the students and also neighbors living nearby.
     Students and neighboring women accessing water for the first time at the school:
Students used to have to go to the river to collect water:
Cindy celebrating with a local women’s group:


Opening Day of Leopard Village!

Today we celebrated the opening of Leopard Village with the villages of Muhokya, Kahendero, and Hamukungu!

It was a truly festive and inspiring day of speeches by local leaders, traditional songs and dances by many school children and cultural groups, and a fitting ending with a celebration of roasted goat on wooden skewers. Community members toured the completed site, watched the performances, and celebrated all they had accomplished the past few months.

Below are some pictures of Opening Day.  You can see more pictures by clicking here

And remember that if you are traveling to Queen Elizabeth, please visit Leopard Village and support the communities’ efforts on human-wildlife coexistence.  You can read more about Leopard Village here.

Thank you to the community members, local leaders, and all of our partners for making “Leopard Village” a dream that came true!




Inspecting a site for the Muhokya Community Center!

Earlier today, we visited a potential site in Muhokya for the Community Center.  The community has been working hard to organize themselves for this venture, which is being made possible with the help of the docents of the Oakland Zoo in California.  Lots of work ahead! And today was an important start.



Conservation education in Kahendero and Muhokya primary schools

We held conservation education outreach sessions at primary schools in Kahendero and Muhokya today.  An UWA community ranger came along with us, as did our intern Olivia Atuhaire who did a great job in translating some of the lecture about lions.  James said the students paid a lot of attention and were eager to learn.  He also said they asked many questions concerning the lecture and about wildlife in general.


Community Workshop

Today, Dr. Siefert, James, and Monica held a community workshop in Kasese, which was attended by eleven leaders from the Queen Elizabeth area.  The goal was to have an open discussion on the problems the local communities face with wildlife and to design a plan on how to collaborate in the future.  We had representation from the villages of Katwe, Nyakatonzi, Muhokya, Kilembe, Kabukyero, and Hamukungu.  We also had a wide representation of livelihoods, including pastoralists, farmers, teachers, students, businessmen, and a member of the local Women’s League. 

Over the course of four hours, we exchanged the challenges and opportunities each of us faces and also our hopes for the future.  We left with a strong plan on how to move forward…together!